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Dave Funk's Tube Amp School offers classes in tube amp construction, repair, and modifications. Classes and schedules vary, but most are 3-day classes running from Friday through Sunday. During that time you'll receive instruction on tube amp fundamentals and operation, as well as build your own tube amp using a kit supplied by the school.

Classes will cover construction of classic "Marshall Plexi" style heads, Fender, Dumble, and Trainwreck amps. The classes will be held at CPE Sound, a world-class rehearsal facility located just outside downtown Chicago. Call or write for more information, or to reserve your spot in this exciting new class.

Dave has 30 years experience in building amplifiers for some of the world's biggest acts, as well as building amps that have no equal in the guitar and bass world.

Dave is also known for writing the reference standard for tube amp builders, and collectors around the world, "Dave Funk's Tube Amp Workbook." It's large, easy to read format, and entertaining as well as informative text, has made it the working reference for anyone building or working on their own tube amps.

Dave Funk'S Tube Amp School Class 09-01 - Tube Amp Guitar Head Class - $1195, includes amp head.


or call: (312) 656-9558

CPE Sound
345 N Loomis
Chicago, IL 60607