Jauqo III-X

Keith Horn

"Warmth AND Definition!"

Brandon Gilliard, with Janelle Monae


Thee-Ram Jam was the victim of a sensless murder last year.

Our prayers go with him and his family.

TM Stevens with Theron Brison in happier times.

Kfir Melamed with "An Endless Sporadic"

Bill Dickens

Malcolm-Jamal Warner


Lanice Morrison
with Michael McDonald

"I got to try my Thunderfunk amp out on Friday night. There wasn't much sound check time, and the room was really boomy, so I couldn't spend much time with listening to the sound thru my cabinets. I set the EQ flat and added a click or two on the bass and treble controls, sent my signal to the monitor board from the post EQ out and started sound check. Right away I heard my bass cleaner and sitting more perfectly in my in-ear mix than I ever had. The B-string was amazingly focused and clear. No mudding out as with my old amp's post EQ. The only adjustment I made all night was turning the timbre control a click to the left for a tad more fullness." After a week:"I'm loving the amp and the ease of operation is great. I actually got to crank it before soundcheck the other day and there's plenty of power, should I ever need it." P.S. "I sold my other amps!"

Marcus Willett
with Andy Williams

Live in Branson

I used Eden amps for years and tried to Thunderfunk on a hunch. My days with Eden amps are over. The Thunderfunk is the ideal amp for any situation I can conceive of. All the warmth you could ever ask for, and if you want more the switch will give you that extra grit for rock. For jazz or blues or any roots style, it gives me a fat warm thick and yet at once tight and precise tone. For any slapping or tapping you may need, the enhance knob combined with just the most damn useable EQ can get you as clean and crisp as you want. And this is without even getting to the timbre knob...genius! A kind of global EQ combined with all the fine tuning. If you can't get a great tone with this amp, you need a different bass!

"BigGameJames" Manning

"I tried the Thunderfunk with the SWR 4X10 Goliath cab on the Norman Brown Show in Fresno Saturday night. The Thunderfunk head blew my mind. Sweet highs, deep deep lows & nice powerful upper & lower mids. I can even get that Ampeg® or SWR® tone out of the same amp! Thunderfunk Sound & Tone is the Bomb!"

Sean Smith

"Just to let you know I am REALLY pleased with the way these amps sound. In the short time I have had this amp I have already used it on the road, on sessions, and even a 5 hour show last night. TONE, TONE, and more TONE !!! You even got me to stop using my favorite SWR head I have used for years. This is rapidly becoming a crucial part of my signal chain.

Scotty Simpson
with Travis Tritt

Sam Bolle
with Dick Dale

I recently got my SVT back from the shop (after being there for MONTHS). I hadn't used it for quite some time before that, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. Tried it a couple of times, and just couldn't get what I wanted out of it. Played the same room with the TF and voila! There's my sound! AND I didn't have to go to a chiropracter the next day! I also used it on an upright gig last week (through a 1-12 cabinet) and it sounded great as usual. Steve Hodges (Tom Waits drummer) was on the gig and mentioned what a good sound I had through that tiny rig! Well okay! I think we're coming (Dick Dale) through your neck of woods soon. Let me know if you want to get your ears hurt.... Sam Bolle